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Thread: When do I decrease how often I pump???

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    Default When do I decrease how often I pump???

    My daughter has been reverse cycling for about 2 months. She nurses at night and only drinks between 4 and 6 oz. at the daycare. I was pumping 3 times a day at work and I dropped one pumping last week. I still had to freeze 40 oz of breast milk last week!!! I never have had a over supply of breast milk - I always pumped what she needed until she stopped taking the bottle at daycare.

    What has been your experience? It would be nice to drop down to one pumping so it doesn’t interfere so much with work, but I obsess about my milk supply going down and Maxine not having enough milk. Maxine is 10 months old, so she does eat lots of food too.

    I am sure that you all know the feeling, "Am I pumping enough milk? When am I going to pump? Oh no I only got 2 OZ, am I drying up?" I have so many fears about just going down to pumping once a day.


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    Default Re: When do I decrease how often I pump???

    I posted this answer to a similar question in the pumping forum. Hope it helps

    I am in a similar situation. This is what I did. I pumped 3 times a day for the first 8 months, the 3rd pumping he never ate and the first two he was only eating about half so I decided, like it looks like you did to drop the 3rd pumping. Since he does eat some the EBM from the first two sessions I decided I would keep them both till he got to be a year old, then I'm dropping to one. I'm going to keep the one till 16-18 months depending on how much he's eating, because I would prefer he still gets mostly my milk for the first two years, but I'm ok with him getting cow's milk after a year as long as he nurses well when I'm with him. The extra milk I've been getting and freezing I'm planning on donating to a milk bank. Here is a link for the human milk bank association, maybe you could see if there is one in your area if you have extra milk to donate.


    Hope that helps, I too was worried that at some point my baby would want the extra milk and that if I dropped a pumping session too early I'd not have enough. Luckily that hasn't really happened and now that he's eating more solids he's less interested in the milk, but still nurses very well when I am with him.

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    Default Re: When do I decrease how often I pump???

    Since you froze 40oz last week, and I'm assuming you have more in the freezer, you could probably drop down to just one pumping at work whenever you're ready. It's a scary change, but you'll be fine. If she needs more at daycare, you obviously have some in the freezer to supplement her with. That's what it's there for, right?

    If you decide that you need to start pumping a second time at work again, you can always add it back in. It will take your body a couple of days to adjust to the second pumping again, but you'll be fine.

    Enjoy the time away from the pump!
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