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Thread: Baby falls asleep after a few sucks?

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    It seems at 6:30 pm like clockwork he wants to nurse continually until morning. Everytime I put him down at night he cries and roots like he's still hungry
    It sounds like your baby has a strong urge to suck and needs to comfort nurse quite a bit. I know it can be tiring but do try your best to allow him to meet all of his sucking (and nutritional) needs directly at the breast. I don't recall if you mentioned if you are co-sleeping or not but if you aren't, perhaps give it a try. Most mom's can sleep while baby suckles at the breast. And even if you can't sleep soundly, you can at least get some rest. I'd just caution that you co-sleep safely (no alcohol or drugs, no heavy blankets...etc).

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    Default Re: Baby falls asleep after a few sucks?

    I'm using a bassinet too, he's right next to my bed. Thanks Amberlori I will continue to try just sitting up in bed. He was up all last night again as soon as I put him down but he did feed well all day until 9pm instead of 6:30pm. So that was nice. But, then after 9pm it was back to wanting to continually be at the breast.

    I can't co-sleep because twice my husband has woken me up because I had turned over away from the baby and he was rolled into the space behind my back. If my husband didn't wake up I could have smothered him. I think if I were to get a co-sleeper bassinet the baby would make his way onto the bed, he is very wigglely and can move himself around alot. He does seem to be improving day be day so hopefully he will sleep at night soon, atleast for a couple hours at a time.

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