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Thread: Sippy Cups?

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    Default Sippy Cups?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but when is a good time to start giving a sippy cup. My dd is 6 months and only has about 1 bottle every 2 weeks of bm. She has been on solids for the past 3 weeks. Should I start to introduce a sippy cup? What should we put in it? Just plain water or juice diluted with water?

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    We started the sippy cup when LO was between 6 and 7 months. We bought the Nubby cup (I think that is what it is called!) It has a really soft spout, almost like a bottle nipple. We just give it to her at mealtimes and only with water. She now (at 9 months) uses a more traditional sippy cup without a super soft spout. I am not sure if the Nubby cup would interfere with BF since we always BF and bottle fed and never had a problem doing both. It soulds like your LO can take a bottle and still continue to BF. You could always go directly to the more traditional sippy cup.
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    You can introduce a sippy anytime. As far as what to put in it, I'd try water first, or you can use breastmilk.

    We tried about 5 different kinds of cups with all of our kids, and they decided what kind they liked, and when they'd drink from it.

    Good luck!


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