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    DH and I are currently shocked to find DD may be already teething....she is only 9 1/2 weeks old. But the fact she is teething so early, even if the tooth hasn't cut quite yet, has sent me into a bit of a panic. We have been planning not to introduce anything beyond breast milk (or maybe water while we are at Disney World in June) until she was 6 months. But...

    1. would this mean she can't have teething biscuits, even ones we make ourselves? how would that work her being so young?

    2. How will this effect beginning weaning at 6 mos?

    3. How might such early teething alter suggestions and guidelines from LLL?


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    Early teething doesn't alter the recommendations at all. Teething really has little to do with a baby's physical readiness for solids.

    Babies can begin the early stages of teething around your dd's age, and not have a tooth erupt until several months down the line. I'm sure many mothers here can tell you that teething is often a long and drawn out process.

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    oh this sounds so familliar. ds started showing signs of teething a little before 4 months and we still have none, he is now 7 months. however, dd cut her first two as soon as she turned 4 months. the teeth had nothing to do with how we fed though, just means that you may have to address the biting issue a little earlier than some. but i personally would still hold off on all foods at least until 6 months minimum. we started ds on the basics and he didn't tollerate them so we are back to exclusive bf. i don't plan on trying much again until he can eat table type foods (about 1 year).

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