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Thread: Odd Poopy Diapers - Help!

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    Default Odd Poopy Diapers - Help!

    My DD is 8 mos. old and is teething quite badly and so I have given her Hyland's teething tablets as well as an animal cracker to gum on. Since I have done this for one week now her poopy diapers have turned a shade of green with obvious white chunks in them, sorry about the details!
    I do not know what to do. I'm still EBF her 8 times a day and she won't nurse with me sitting up. She only nurses with us both laying down on our bed. I'm very frustrated since I feel I can only leave the house for short amounts of time or I'll have to go straight home to feed her. I try to pump but my Avent manual pump is giving me nothing but problems and very little milk!
    I'm very concerned about her diapers. My mother told me tonight she might not be able to digest food very well and that is why she is still just nursing. Should I call her doctor?
    We've tried to feed her solid foods but she isn't really interested and when she does eat a little she usually ends up with bad gas. Ugh!
    I need some advice, please!


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    Default Re: Odd Poopy Diapers - Help!

    Baby poop varies greatly and unless baby is showing signs of discomfort or other sensitivities, I wouldn't worry too much. It could be something in the Hylands or the animal crackers that caused the poop to be that color. If she's teething though that can sometimes cause poop to be different than normal. A good indication that baby is not ready for solid foods is when they have any sort of negative reaction to them -- diahrrea (sp), constipation...

    There's nothing unusual about an 8 month old nursing 8 times or more a day. Remember, for the first full year of life breastmilk should make up the vast majority of baby's calories so it would be completely normal for a baby to nurse 8 times a day. If your baby isn't interested in solids then that's okay - just try again some other day

    HTH! You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

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