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Thread: How to season/flavor tofu?

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    Default How to season/flavor tofu?

    We would like to start giving more tofu to DD (9 months old) as another source of protein. She doesn't seem to care for it plain. Does anyone have any ideas for seasoning or flavoring it that don't involve salt?
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    Default Re: How to season/flavor tofu?

    You could cook it in salt free stock, or serve pieces of tofu mixed with veggies. Are babies supposed to avoid sesame? If not sesame oil and tofu seem like a good match.

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    Default Re: How to season/flavor tofu?

    garlic and onions maybe?

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    Default Re: How to season/flavor tofu?

    My DD is a little older now (14 months) but the other day I gave it to her like we were having it- actually a modified recipe I got from someone here. What I did was cube it (firm tofu) and then drizzle it with olive oil, garlic powder, soy sauce (Bragg's All purpose seasoning was what I use...its wheat free, salt free and such) and curry powder. I went really light on the curry powder, as I am not a person who likes curry powder AT ALL normally. I then baked it just enough to warm it up. My LO loved it! She normally does not like spices. I am not sure if this would be suitable for your child being only 9 months- depends what you are comfortable with I guess. But maybe for the future if not now.

    Otherwise, tofu will readily absorb pretty much anything, so experiment! Baking seems to help the taste as well.
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    Default Re: How to season/flavor tofu?

    I have wondered about the tofu question too, I love tofu, but I am not too crazy about it plain. Thanks for the ideas

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