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Thread: Food schedule for 14 month old

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    Default Food schedule for 14 month old

    I'm interested in knowing food schedule of 14 month old babies.My DD has been refusing most of solids food for past 3 weeks.I'm wondering whether I need to change anything in her food pattern.
    She eats Breakfast at 9
    then drinks cows milk 3oz at 11.30 sleeps for 40 minutes
    Lunch at 1.30
    Cows milk at 3.30 3 0z - sleeps for 40 minutes
    Fruits/snacks at 5.30
    Dinner at 8.00 and then nurses 2-3 times in night.Most of her food is Indian food.She is refusing lunch and dinner very badly.She is saying no-no till I take her from high chair and she keeps playing all day without eating.Only thing tht has changed is introducing cows milk and she is cutting mollars.

    Can anybody share whats is their food pattern for 14 month old babies ?


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    Default Re: Food schedule for 14 month old

    My son is also 14 mo. He generally nurses around 5 or 6 and then around 7 or 8 when he wakes up. We have breakfast ~8:30. He isn't a big fan. Sometimes eats some cheerios, bagel, waffle or fruit. Nurses mid-morning at least once, sometimes takes a nap. Lunch consisting of 3 or 4 foods including different types of fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, deli meat, cheese around noon. Nurses mid afternoon, sometimes takes a nap (somedays one nap, some days two). Dinner around 6 with some of the lunch food options and whatever we have for dinner. Water and snacks during the day as he requests them. Nurses a couple more times before bed and once or twice during the night. He eats about a cup of food total during the day I would guess. Recently he has become much more opinionate about what he eats. He really wants a big variety.

    Are you offering your daughter a wide variety of foods? He hasn't been teething much, but he gots sick a couple of months ago and hardly ate any solids during that time.

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