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Thread: boob questions

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    BF sure is hard on our poor boobies, isn't it? I'm going to pamper them for the rest of their lives after this.

    I have a few issues that I'm starting to think have to do with my size. Despite what every single pregnancy book told me they only got about 1/2 cup bigger. When my milk came in, I was just about a full C. But, I have plenty of milk, maybe even a bit of an oversupply. Certainly, I have a hard let down. Baby does choke and cough on occasion, mostly at morning feedings. We're at 10weeks now and it just seems that my boobs are allways a little sore. I started having what I finally figured out is a painful letdown and it's getting more frequent instead of less. My nipples are allways pink (I'm pretty fair-skinned, so maybe this is normal?) and are often tender during and after nursing, even when there is nothing wrong with latching. I also still get some engorgement at night when he changes his eating patterns. It's as if my poor little boobs just can't handle the amount of milk I have!

    Things did get better for us around the two month mark- easier to feed him and less pain for me - but I wonder whether this discomfort is simply part of bf or if thses things will get better. It's nothing I can't handle for the next 6-12 months, but if I have some reasonable expectations, it's certainly easier.

    Also, they seem to be less sensitive when my husband gets his turn with them, which is a real downer when it comes to sex although I guess it's a good thing in terms of bf. It's just that for sex, DH and I both enjoyed how amazingly sensitive my nipples had gotten. Will they be sensitive again once the baby weans? Boy, that's such a long way off!

    TIA for any answers.

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    It should get better soon. My DS is 5.75 months and for awhile I almost didn't feel him drinking because I became so acustomed to it, I had almost no sensitivity. Now I get sore occasionally when he is teething, or is distratcted a lot and pulls away. Although it sounds like you like the sensitivity for other reasons, good for you....haha

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