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Thread: Different Breast personalities! Can you help?

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    Unhappy Different Breast personalities! Can you help?

    I have a 33 day old and this is my forth child that I have breastfed. I have never had problems before but now I'm at a loss. My right breast is producing WAY too much and becoming extremely painfull and full. My left breast is hardly filling even though I'm using that one the most to try and increase production. Isn't there any way to even both sides out? I hope you can help... Thanks!

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    The right is probably getting full and painful because you're not using it enough. If you're using the left most of the time then I wouldn't be surprised if it felt a lot more empty. I would nurse the same as you did with your other kids (alternate which side you start with) and then pump the left after each feeding to get it to produce more. A lot of women get different amounts from different sides though and it's not necessarily a problem. All that matters is that you have enough milk total.

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    From what I've read its very common to have this problem. My right side produces alot more than the left. I try to put Ds on the left side first but he tends to get frustrated. There have been quite a few threads on this topic in the last few months so if you do a search I'm sure you could find them.
    Here is a link that should help:

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