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Thread: Trying it again!

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    Default Trying it again!

    Hi, I'm new to these threads, but not so new to breastfeeding. I have a son that just turned 2 last month, and I am due in early July with son number 2. I had many problems with my first son, and I'm getting a little worried that I am going to end up with the same this time.
    My son Caleb, didn't seem to latch well so I went to see a lactation consultant. She did help and I thought things were getting better, but they didn't. He soon was having trouble again which let to severe pain for me. I went back several times and even had his tongue clipped (the skin that connects his tongue to the bottom) to try to help his latch. Nothing helped, I ended up cracked and bleeding, which quickly led to thrush. I had such sharp pains when I would nurse, it would shoot down my arm.
    After trying ointments and shields and you name it, I had to give in and pump instead of nurse. He had the bottle from day 1 so he did well, but for me my nipples were so damaged that even pumping was painful. He nursed for 4 months and I pumped for another 5 before I just dried up.
    I guess I just want to hear that not all babies nurse the same and that my sensitive nipples won't neccissarily be a problem again. Do you have any tips to keep my nipples 'strong'? I'm not washing them with soap and I have Hydrocordizone Ointment and an anti-fungal cream on hand. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Calebsmom1

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you had before. But it's awesome that your son got breast milk for so long! I only have 1 baby, so I can't answer whether you'll have the same problems again, but I wanted to recommend Lansinoh cream for when your new baby arrives. my lactation consultant said it was basically chapstick for your nipples. It worked great for me and I never had dry, cracks or anything. I don't think it will help if you have a latching problem, but when your nipples are just getting used to everything, it works great. Good luck and keep us posted about your new little one!

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    go to a LLL meeting before the baby comes and get to know your lOcal LLL Leader. heres the link

    Not all babies have troubles and sometimes mom learns with each baby.
    Read all you can about getting off to a good start.
    If you think the new baby is tounge tied get somebody to clip it right away!
    you can do it !


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    I 2nd what Andrea said! Go to a LLL meeting while pregnant!

    I had many issue with my 1st daughter and I ended up pumping for about a month. I give you so much credit for pumping as long as you did! With my 2nd I had so many fears, like you yourself are having. But I attended LLL meetings while pregnant and read every BFing book I could! And I am now happily nursing my 6 month old! I had no real issues! You can do this! Stay positive. And you know what?, every baby is different! This LO may be a pro!

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