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Thread: Do I need to Wean?

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    Default Do I need to Wean?

    I have an 11 month old daughter who has been exclusively BF(meaning no formula at all and very few bottles of expressed breastmilk). I am going out of town fo three days at the end of April, but don't know if I am quite ready to completely wean her. She eats regular food and drinks water and or juice from a sippy cup, I recently introduced cows milk as well. At this point she nurses anywhere from 2-4x a day. Since we will be separated for a few days and May 1st is her 1st Bday I kind of feel like I should just let this be the end of nursing, but I don't know if I am quite ready to call it quits. I have a 3 year old son that was BF until about 14 months and it ended very naturally and was easy for both of us. If I decide not to wean will I need to pump while I'm gone to keep up my supply? Any advice is welcome! Thanks!

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    Congratulations on making it this far! It sounds like you and your DD are still enjoying your BF relationship so I don't think you'd have to wean just because of a 3 day trip. You will definitely want to pump during that time so you don't suffer from engorgement. Is she able to fall asleep without nursing? If not (and I have a 15 month old that still relies on it so don't feel bad) you might want to have Daddy (or whoever will take care of her in your absence) try getting her to go down a time or two before you go. This will make him feel more confident about taking care of her in your absence.

    If you decide you do want to wean some of the other threads in the weaning section have great articles on how to do it lovingly and without a lot of stress to your little one.

    Good luck!

    Mom to Alex - 12/08/04 and still happily nursing

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