Hi all, I need your collective wisdom on what to do. My LO is 6 1/2 months old and we just started her on solids once per day (at night to help her sleep). It worked great because before solids she would wake every 2 hours to nurse and pee (hates a drop of pee inher diaper). Now she sleeps from midnight until 5am!

Prior to starting the solids she would take a pacifier every now and then at bed time but not every time she sleeps and never in the day time for naps. Since we started solids at night she wants a pacifier for naps and night sleeping. I try to offer her my breast for suckling as this was what worked best in the past but she screams and does not want it. I give her a passi and she is completely happy. Why? Is this a bad thing? Should we limit her access to a pacifier?

Any suggestion on latex vs silicone. She seems to like both.