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    My daughter is 10 1/2 months. She has been trying different foods since about six months. This morning I made some scrambled eggs, and she loved them. I made sure they were well cooked and she seemed to be fine. We took a nap, and she woke up a vomited up all the eggs. After she vomited she seemed fine: no rash, no wheezing, no diarrhea. Do you think this is an allergy, or did she eat too much (she had two eggs, seemed like alot for her). Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Eggs are a very common allergen. It could be an allergy and it might be unlikely that you will see further reaction if she threw most of it up. YOu might just test them again, without the large quanity and see what happens. There is also an allergy forum that is very helpful!

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