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    Lately my 8 week old seems to gag when she first takes in my nipple. We have been using a bottle as well to give her EBM when we are out and about or when I need a nap. But when we are home, I breastfeed. I have been having problems with OALD in my right breast (my primary milk maker) so at night I bottle feed so she doesn't choke and gag and spit everything up. But during the day, I don't get too engorged to have that problem, so I am not sure why she is gaging. Any help?

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    I think that it is still from the OALD. I do not believe you need to be engorged to have the issue. (Although I am sure it compounds the issue)

    Nipple confusion might also play a part this early on as the bottle and the nipple take two different sucks..one with the tongue drawn out (BF) and one with the tongue pulled back (bottle)
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    IMO, definitely from the OALD...I had the same problem and no, you do not have to be engorged.

    Try pumping or expressing by hand at first until your milk lets down and until the pressure isn't squirting across the room anymore, then let lo latch on.

    Block feeding also helped us...We would nurse on one breast two feedings in a row, then alternate to the other breast for the next two.

    After a while, the letdown seemed to regulate to a more normal flow, something easier to swallow....or she got better at swallowing quickly.

    Also, my "big producer" was also the extra-overactive-letting-down boob. Hope this helps.
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