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Thread: Night Nursing Worries

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    Default Night Nursing Worries

    Just recently (in the last week or so) I've actually been falling asleep while Iz nurses (side-lying)

    I would say I am awake for 10 or so minutes, so I know she's latched well and suckling/swallowing.

    But because I do fall asleep--how Do I know if she's eating enough? If she was hungry and came off she'd cry and let me know right? A baby won't starve themselves?

    I think for the most part I still have my paranoia since I had to EP for C and I don't want to lose out on this experience.

    Paranoia? Or genuine reason to be concerned?

    Should I start getting up and sitting in the glider tonurse her, so I'm sure to be awake from start to finish?

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    Default Re: Night Nursing Worries

    I nurse in a glider, and I have fallen alseep there! On those nights I notice that he eats more often and so now I make sure I wake up and then feed him, I might be more awake, but I get up less often and that has translated to more sleep for all of us.

    But don't worry, you baby will NOT starve! they wake up to eat if they don't get enough the first time. It is programmed, eat, sleep, poop. They wont do the last two without the first one.

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    Default Re: Night Nursing Worries

    I side lie and nurse and fall asleep too. I have been woken by DS fussing to get back on the breast after detatching, I relatch him and go back to sleep. He is now almost 6 months and can roll back to me and relatch himself if he is still hungry. I never worried about him getting enough, he let me know if he wanted more. DS is a great sleeper. From about 9pm - 4am feed and sleep til 8 for the past few nights.
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    Default Re: Night Nursing Worries

    She'll make sure you know if she's still hungry! We co-sleep, so that's how we nurse every night. All LO has to do is grunt a little, and somehow in my sleepy mind I figure out whether it's a "feed me" grunt, or just a "stretching out" grunt, and respond accordingly.

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    Default Re: Night Nursing Worries

    I whole heartedly agree with the other Mothers who say that baby will let you know if she isn't getting enough food.
    I have slept with my youngest since the day he was born, when he wakes I just pull him close to me, he latches on and then we are both back asleep. He never seemed to need to burp feeding this way.
    Our babies need the milk at night, we need our sleep so why not combine the two??

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