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Thread: mom's coffee causes gas??

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    Question mom's coffee causes gas??

    could 1/2 cup of 1/2 caffeine coffee give my baby gas??
    and how long should i cut something out of my when trying to pinpoint gas causes? i wonder what the best way to do this is. cut things out one by one?? any advice?

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    Default Re: mom's coffee causes gas??

    FWIW, i have always had a cup of coffee in the morning without any problems. but it affects everyone differently. as for cutting things out of your diet....i haven't had to do this, so i'm not sure. but i think you have to do it one thing at a time and give it a good six weeks to get out of your system AND your lo's system. but maybe someone else can answer that a little better for you.
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    I didn't notice any increase in gas from my morning coffee, but I did notice an increase in reflux and acid burning symptoms. I cut it out for about a month, then slowly started re-introducing it. We've had to cut out a lot to try and see what causes his problems, and my lactation nurse said to eliminate something for a full two weeks. If symptoms improve then I can eat/drink that item again. If symptoms come back, then we've found our problem.

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    Default Re: mom's coffee causes gas??

    Info on gassiness and foods in mom's diet: Gassy Foods

    And on caffeine: kellymom page on caffeine


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