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Thread: breast and pump?

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    Default breast and pump?

    hello, my family would also like to help in the feedings. what do i need to look for before introducing the bottle nipple to my new born as well as my breast? i have heard about confusion etc.... thanks to any one who can help.

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    You'll want to wait to introduce artificial nipples (pacis and bottles) until breastfeeding is "well-established"....every baby is different, but I'd say that's at about the 4-6 week mark.

    Here's a resource about introducing a bottle:


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    Family can help in MANY ways other than feeding! They can hold baby while you take a nap or a shower, change diapers, give baby a bath, wash baby's clothes, bring you a warm meal, fix you a glass of water, rock baby, vacuum, wash dishes, ect, ect.

    Of course, feeding baby is fun and many family members and friends will likely want to help out this way. But, the best way that they can help is to make sure you are feel supported and to take up some of the chores for you so that you can focus on your newborn.

    That being said, if you wish to introduce a bottle, it is best to delay until your baby is consistantly feeding well. For most mother and baby dyads, that happens somewhere around 4-6 weeks. Most lactation professionals do not recommend that artificial nipples be introduced before 3 weeks of age.

    You can see a neat animation about bottle and breastfeeding here:

    Here is a resource page about nipple confusion that should answer most of your questions:


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