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Thread: Milk through the nose!

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    Default Milk through the nose!

    In the past few days my 1 mo. old has been spitting up a bit more and startlingly had milk come through his nose on several occasions. I think I'm bothered by it more than he is, but I wondered is that normal? I try and allow him to rest/sleep on his side after he feeds a bit before picking him up to burp him - thinking that maybe all the moving around is causing this problem.

    I have a abundant milk supply and try to slow his feeding down so he's not guzzling. I sometimes will stop his feeding about halfway to burp him and then put him back on the same side to finish before switching sides and also I will recline a bit when feeding to slow the milk flow. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions - is this normal or something to worry about?


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    Default Re: Milk through the nose!

    if it only comes through his nose occasionally than I wouldn't worry too much. One thought though; my niece always threw up milk through her nose, and it turned out that she had a mild cleft pallate.

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