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Thread: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

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    Question Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?


    I had a question. My little girl is almost 3 weeks old and we are coping with oversupply and an overactive letdown, which has caused her to develop a shallow latch and she uses her tongue to compress the nipple to try and reduce the flow. I have been seeing a Lactation Consultant to help us and we have been doing a little bit better.

    My question is, the last two days she has been wanted to feed every hour or so. Prior to that we were about every 2.5-3 hours. I think that some of the time it is just for comfort, as she continues to root even after she is done and will not take the breast. She is also throwing up a lot with the frequent feeds leading me to believe that she may be looking for the sucking and not necessarily the milk. Should I give her a pacifier or am I looking at a world of trouble as we are already having latch issues? I am just not sure what else to do with her - I can't feed every hour and deal with her getting sick all the time for much longer.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Heather

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    Default Re: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

    Sounds like it could be a growth spurt. Your baby is feeding more often to boost your supply to meet her needs. I introduced a paci at 3 weeks and it was OK but if you have latch issues I suggest waiting. It's so hard when all they do is nurse but this stage won't last forever.
    What are you doing to deal with the OALD? If you haven't already tried it you might want to try block feeding. You would feed your baby off the same breast for every feeding for 3-4 hours, then switch to the other side for all the feedings for the next 3-4 hours. This should help with the spitting up and other problems you're having from your oversupply.

    Keep us posted! Good luck!

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    Default Re: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

    My little girl is 5 weeks old and she loves her pacifier, there are a lot of times when she doesn't want to eat she just wants to suck. I personally don't see a problem with it, and she has no trouble switching back and forth.

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    Default Re: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

    Find a pacifier that most resembles your nipple and your LO shouldn't have a problem switching back and forth.

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    Default Re: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

    I agree with Fergie....sounds like a growth spurt to me. I'd also 2nd the idea that I'd wait on a paci until your baby's latch issues are resolved. I wouldn't want to take the chance that there would be any nipple confusion at this point, along with the other issues you're facing right now.


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    Default Re: Should I use a pacifier - we have latch issues?

    Sounds like a growth spurt to me too. . . Very, very common around three weeks.

    I would also hold off on a pacifier for right now, since you already know you are dealing with a latch problem on top of the OALD and oversupply. Instead, try letting her suck on your finger if she seems to need to suck. Once she's gone off to sleep, gently, slowly slip your finger out.

    I'm also a mom who has oversupply/OALD, so I totally get how your baby can be frustrated and upset by just wanting to comfort suck and always getting milk. Ian, my first was very, very upset by this, and Colton would never comfort suck at my breast but would fuss instead. I had sworn I would never ever use a pacifier with Colton after that fuss with Ian (a binky is actually a pain in the butt for such a little thing), but around 8 weeks, I introduced one because his sucking needs were pretty high, he would not comfort suck at the breast ever, and I needed both my hands at that point , and we've done OK with it.

    However, I ONLY did it after a) making sure the latch was good, b) monitoring the latch after introducing it -- any soreness for me indicated I needed to be viligant, as I really think a binky encourages them to be lazy and c) doing other things to ensure the OALD and oversupply were not being encouraged, like doing block feeding and hand-expressing the worst of the let-down so I didn't drown the baby.
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