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Thread: Robutessin while breast feeding?

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    Default Robutessin while breast feeding?

    I have what seems to be some tight congestion, does anyone know if this is safe to take while breastfeeding? my LO is just about 6 months old.
    It is just the plain expectorant robutessin, not the 'dm' one.

    the box says consult your physician if you are preg/nursing.

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    Default Re: Robutessin while breast feeding?

    I can't say for sure, but if it's decongestant-free, it should be OK. You could call your pharmacist, too, to ask.

    I always found that hot liquids (my favorite was decaf tea w/ lemon & sugar) worked the best on those tight coughs. Hot, steamy showers help, too.

    Feel better!!


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