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Thread: DH and I feel so guilty to eat infront of DD...

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    Unhappy DH and I feel so guilty to eat infront of DD...

    she (7mo old) has been eating pureed food for a couple of weeks. Today my husband was eating a pretzel and she was opening her mouth and going forward to his hand because she wanted the pretzel (he didnt give it to her ofcourse!) HE felt so bad eating infront of her and my mom was eating also and she went for her food too. So my question is, should I start her on finger foods, she doesn't have any teeth either. And if so what finger foods should I give her. We feel so so so guilty to eat infront of her although I know it helps her to see how we move our mouths to chew.

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    Default Re: DH and I feel so guilty to eat infront of DD...

    Don't feel guilty! Your LO is showing you she's ready to try new things, and that's a good thing. My DS is just over a year old and still only has one tooth, so I've been through the issue of figuring out which fingers foods are okay. I've been told by both the developmental specialist at the NICU and our ped's office that most teeth are not really necessary for chewing a lot of foods - the jaw does the mashing. Think about it - even kids with 4 ot 8 teeth don't have the molars in the back that really do the chewing.

    Anything that dissolves or gets mushy easily is a good first finger food. Banana chunks, cooked apple, Cheerios, toasted bread, frozen waffle lightly toasted etc. I've bought the Gerber Graduates puffs before, they're like cereal puffs but they dissolve in the mouth almost immediately and DS loves them. I've also taken cut up slices or shreds of cheese (American, cheddar) as a first dairy food.

    Just watch your LO carefully - and she WILL gag at first until she gets the hang of it, and you'll freak out (I did) so just be watchful that it's not choking.

    DS eats lots of grilled cheese now (cut up of course) because I got him started on little pieces of toast and then American cheese. Once I saw that he enjoyed both, I just combined them. We were even able to order him a sandwich off the kids menu at a restaurant recently - with a side of applesauce. Trying to keep it relatively healthy! At home I've also been able to add ham to the sandwich, even though he doesn't like to eat bits of ham by itself. Gotta sneak in the protein somehow!

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    Default Re: DH and I feel so guilty to eat infront of DD...

    my dd is the same.. she wants everything we're eating and will stare at us and chew on her hands the whole time lol i started offering her cheerios and she does just fine with them. she'll be 8 months in two days. so yeah.. what pp said

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