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    Question Sure Things

    Help! My ds is 13 mo and we've been doing jarred solids since about 6 mo. He resists finger foods and self-feeding and still drinks about 12 oz of ebm during the day and nurses all night. We've had a heck of a time getting him to eat lately. The other day I gave him oatmeal for breakfast AND dinner since he loves oatmeal. He's also allergic to dairy/nuts/soy. With that in mind, what are your "sure thing" solids for picky toddlers? He'll eat just about any green veggie in a jar (particularly peas) and likes carrots, sweet potatoes, turkey, rice/lentils, apples and pears...so long as they're in a jar. How can I get him to try more finger foods and what solids (jar or not) are your sure thing when baby won't eat?

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    Based on what I have been reading on this forum there is no sure thing. Every child is different. For instance, most babies seem to love fruits because they are sweet; my baby hates them. He spits out anything with sugar in it. I think you just need to experiment until you find your baby's favorites

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