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Thread: How long to BF and how much milk?

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    Default How long to BF and how much milk?

    My DS is almost 7 months old and this is his eating schedule:

    3 am - BF
    8 or 9 am - BF
    1 or 2 pm - 8-9 oz of EBM
    6 pm - BF
    9 pm - BF

    I've started him on solid foods and he gets about 4 tbsp total at his two meals. How long should he be BF during a session? It takes me about 40 minutes (between burping, switching sides, being bitten, etc.) for a feeding. Is that long enough and do you think he has enough milk?

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    Default Re: How long to BF and how much milk?

    Wow! 40 minutes sounds like a long time to me, but that's because my DD has always been a very fast and efficient nurser and never ever nursed more than 10 minutes total...and continued to gain weight at a good pace throughout her entire first year. Each child is different. Some are all business and get it done quickly while others are more leisurly and take their time, enjoying it. My only advice is to try to not worry too much. Your LO is getting what he needs. Trust him to know when he is hungry and to know how much he wants. And trust that your body is providing it. I know that's not easy to do. If you are strict with exactly how many oz he's getting each feeding, you're likely to over feed him. Keep doing what you're doing!!

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    Default Re: How long to BF and how much milk?

    I agree. They know when they are hungry and when they are full. If you try to feed him extra he may lose that sense and that can lead to overeating later in life

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