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Thread: Fenugreek question...

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    Red face Fenugreek question...

    Good evening,

    Did anyone get information from the pediatrician on Fenugreek? I did some internet research and then called for a recommendation from our pediatrician. Basically I only got to talk to the NP who had no idea what it was even after I was reading her the information from the internet pages.
    So, she called the pediatrician and when she called me back she said he would not give me a recommendation either way (so neither positive or negative). NO HELP THERE..
    I was curious as to if anyone did get a recommendation from their pediatrician, if they know what fenugreek was ahead of time and basically what they said.

    Thank you!


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    Default Re: Fenugreek question...

    Hi AZjeep,

    Many moms find that an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a good resource for information on Fenugreek. Many hospitals have IBCLCs on staff. There is a good chance that an IBCLC in your area would know of a doctor who is familiar with fenugreek whom you could consult with.



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    You might also try looking for a certified herbalist and/or a pharmacist for assistance.

    I've been really suprised at how much my local CVS pharmacist knows about herbs!

    Another resource might be a local university with a med school. Often there's someone on staff who knows alot about herbal medicines!

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