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Thread: Help with EBM and nursing

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    Question Help with EBM and nursing

    HI.. We are breastfeeding and just 2 days ago started to supplement with expressed breast milk so DH could help... but whenever she drinks/eats the EBM, she never goes to sleep afterwards.. she's always fussy for a while and sometimes DH or I can get her to nap for a little bit, but she's always up soon after...like 15 mins.... when normally she;'d be out for 2-3 hours after nursing.

    Then when I went to feed her myself last night, I dont know if I pumped too much out earlier or what cause my boobs were like flat and squishy and no hard spots at all.. i know you cant really be empty but i think the milk was just so hard to get out compared ot usual (i have a very full very fast flow normally) that all she did was scream.. this high pitched squealing scream for like a half an hour... i tried both sides.. nothing worked... i gave her some mylicon drops and she burped and spit up so i figured maybe that would help.. but nope... still screamed...

    so from about 6 PM last night to about 2 am.. she ate twice out of the bottle, once on the boob for like 10 min and then wouldn't take the last feeding.. finally DH came upstairs, grabbed her cause i was so frustrated and brought her downstairs and gave her more EBM so i could get some sleep (he works night shift so he ws wide awake since its his day off)... he came upstairs at 5 am and said that she ate twice but she wouldn't sleep afterwards .. just napped a few minuutes then woke up.. he put her in the bassinet and true enough, 5 minutes later she was screaming... luckily i had a few hours to regenerate some milk so i fed her for like 5 mins and she was completely knocked out.... then i woke up at 8 to feed her again and she ate fine and went back to sleep afterwards..

    so it seems like im pumping too much out of me at a time.. but how the heck should i know when to stop? i dont want to not pump when he's able to help cause then its all on me again which is why we started... but if she never is going to sleep.. thats not healthy....

    if it helps to know, i've been pumping when DH has been feeding her, so I pumped twice yesterday during the evening.. not at the 1 AM problem time.. but during the day.. I have an ameda purely yours double electric pump.. so its very efficient and i have an over supply normally.. so with 10 mins on the right i can get 2 oz and with 5-10 mins on the left i can get anywhere from 2-4 oz.....

    any suggestions? basically i'm trying to figure out 2 problems.. the pumping issue and why she wont sleep after a bottle..


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    Default Re: Help with EBM and nursing

    How old is she?
    I would say these things from my expericence so far (My girl is 6 weeks)...

    The high pitch scream of hell is most likely gas. I have been struggling with that this month. She is aching and what I found helps is burping at every ounce or every two ounces depending on what she is taking in. I find the gas to come more from the bottle feeds than the breast and I think this can be because of the positioning. I place the bottle in the same position as my nipple and her in the same tilt. I think this has helped me. As well over time my daughter has found relief from the up right burping position (sitting her on your leg and holding her seated). You can find this in any book or web site if you do not know what it is exactly.
    And she still falls fast asleep after the gas is up. But in the first four weeks I found that a hard position on top of the fact that I hardly knew how to hold her in any position. Now everything is more natural.
    I stopped using the drops because I was seeing a constipation issue resulting from those. I was told that that could happen but I was not sure if it is true. If she is constipated, try laying her down on her back and exercise her legs bent back into her chest like the fetal position. As well I found massaging her intestent area softly help relieve her pain.
    But most important, she might need time for milk and gas to settle before she lays flat down. I find this just exhausting. So I have come up with a few pillow positions to keep her upright in my arms so that I am comfortable for at least 1/2 hr to and hour before I lay her down. I usually can get myself to doze during this time with her so that I am not completely sleep deprived, because her feeding clock is still ticking and she will want more soetimes in an hour after I actually get her down in her crib.
    I understand why we put newborns in the bedroom for the first few months now!
    That cry is usually of pain, I figured that out one day when I clipped her nail too short, bent her leg in a strange position picking her up, and then pierced her ears...all the same cry.

    Just be careful, because mine will scream for more milk too. I think she mixes up the ache for hunger sometimes. And if that gas is not up from before, I found I was making the problem even bigger. You have to figure out which cry is for which.

    You should be pumping all your milk out and compressing your breasts to make sure it is out. The more often you pump the more milk you produce. The more you empty them, the same as well. I find mine get limp and soft when empty, and I do find that it takes that 2 hour period for mine to fill again. And a pump will only compress what it can, a child has the natural ability to get more milk form you than a pump will. So try not to worry too much about ounces.

    It is stressful, I know!

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