I have heard that breastmilk aids a bit in regulating appetite in babies . . . . .

I'm wondering if it can have a really significant effect cause I have noticed that on the days where my 12 week old baby gets a lot of formula she is like insatiable . . . . . she will eat 4 ounces and want another 2 ounces like an hour later!

When she is on breastmilk all day, she seems satisfied with 2-3 oz. and can go another few hours until she eats again. I thought that it was supposed to be the other way around (that breastfed babies eat more frequently because it digests quicker).

Also, baby has many less wet diapers on breastmilk . . . When she has formula she SOAKS through diapers so fast, but on breastmilk she wets much less (almost as frequently, but just much less of it).

Just curious if this sounds normal . . . . . . ?