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Thread: Soreness after almost 4 months?

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    Question Soreness after almost 4 months?

    I have been able to BF my DD from day one without one bit of pain. Now that she's 4 months my nipples are starting to get sore. Is that normal? I'm assuming it's because she is able to suck much harder than when she was a newborn?

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    could it be teething? When my daughter was about to cut her first top teeth my nipples were really really sore, I did not know why at the moment, then she got the teeth, and I read in the Womanly Art of Bfing that you can get sore nipples because they suck differently when they're teething.

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    maybe your period is getting ready to return.
    Lots of moms have sore nipples around that time of the month.
    If it doesn't feal beter in a few days maybe something else is going on.
    heres a good link from kelly moms about where nipple pain comes from

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