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Thread: Initial breastfeeding and finger feeding

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    Default Initial breastfeeding and finger feeding

    So we tried to breast feed initially and the babies (twins) were latching on ok and sucking maybe 5-10 times each try. Now it has been 4 days and the milk still hasnt come in. So to get them supplimental food (formula) I (dad) was finger feeding the babies and they do just fine but now when we take them back to the breast they dont even suck, they just latch and wait like it is going to come automatically. the feeder we have requires them to suck, but they just arent doing it on the breast. but they already have lost too much weight and we need to feed them somehow. is the finger feeding the best option? any way to get them to suck like champs on the breast again? thanks

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    Default Re: Initial breastfeeding and finger feeding

    I can't give you a whole lot of advice, but I know someone will be along to help soon.

    I just wanted you to know that we're not ignoring you!! In the meantime, is it possible to pump after trying to feed? That stimulation will go a long way in trying to get milk production going.


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    I second the previous poster that you definitely need to be pumping regularly for your milk supply.

    I had a lot of early difficulties and one thing we used was a supplemental nurser system. Medela makes one. It's a bottle with a tube attached. You put expressed milk or formula in the bottle and attach the tube next to your your nipple (tape it behind the aereola). When the baby latches on the tube should be in there too, which can be tricky. Have someone hold up the bottle so that the liquid flows through the tube. This hopefully teaches baby to suck at the breast while providing good nipple stimulation for you. As the baby gets better lower the bottle so they get less help from gravity and have to work harder to suck themselves. You might need to have a lactation consultant help you get started with this.

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    Default Re: Initial breastfeeding and finger feeding

    don't be afraid to call your local leader she can help!
    Sometimes it just takes babies and moms a few days to get things working.
    were the babies early?

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