I work full time and breastfeed my daughter as much as possible. I pump at work, and my husband supplements with Earth's Best Organic Formula in addition to the breastmilk when I'm not home. Our daughter just turned 5 months old, and just began teething.

I noticed a few weeks ago that after not having a chance to pump at work for a few days (due to time constraints), that my production slowed down a bit- which I was expecting. I'd come home and feed my daughter immediately, then I'd fill her up with a bottle of formula and put her back to sleep. Sometimes she'd get distracted by my husband or other things going on, but she'd stay on the breast. But now, she gets so jumpy and distracted and even completely disinterested in breastfeeding. Anytime I lay her across my chest and prepare to try to latch her on, she turns her head and tries to wiggle free. I've tried many different positions, and even trying to get her to latch onto my opposite breast, but she just won't have it. I'm trying to pump to keep my production going, and I'm still not having any luck with getting her to take the breast. Oh, and we're not giving her any solids yet. We're waiting until 6 months, just in case that matters. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks. =D