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Thread: baby prefers one breast over the other why?

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    Question baby prefers one breast over the other why?

    My baby is almost six months old and only nurses from my right breast and when I try to get her to nurse off the other one she gets upset. What would cause this and how can I get her to nurse from both of them?

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    Default Re: baby prefers one breast over the other why?

    I am in the same situation, what sometimes works for me is that after feeding in a side lying position from the side she prefers and when she is a bit sleepy , I lean over and try to give her the 'not preferred breast'(so it is in exactly the same position as she was feeding in . When my DD was younger (she is 7 months now) the clutch hold worked for me so I figured out that this would be a similar position.

    Also yesterday, I made her sit and she took some sips while sitting similar to the hip carry.

    In the worst cases I just express from that side and try to feed that from a cup or sippy.

    I think its a case of less supply on this side, when this side is a bit full and at night she sometimes drinks from here.

    Hope something clicks soon for you,


    mother to 3 beautiful daughters

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