I compiled these links from the Dr. Jack Newman website...


In the early months I used his website FREQUENTLY.....He taught me correct latch, compressions, myths...answered any question I had...before I joined this forum of course I ran across these while cleaning up my PC. They were so invaluable to me. Maybe they will be to you as well!! This is one of the best ones...

Pediatricians, at least, know a lot about breastfeeding. Not true! Obviously, there are exceptions. However, in their post medical school training (residency), most pediatricians learned nothing formally about breastfeeding, and what they picked up in passing was often wrong. To many trainees in pediatrics, breastfeeding is seen as an "obstacle to the good medical care" of hospitalized babies.

Take a few minutes to read them. I bet you'll learn at least three things you did not know before.





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