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Thread: need some Poo advice

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    Default need some Poo advice

    The last 2 days DS has had terrible smelling gas, and his last 3 poos have been really smelly...he's been on solids for 3-4 months and DH (and myself too but not as often) has been giving DS tates of everything...DS really likes cheese, cherios, those gerber puff things as well as most flavors of baby food. We can't figure out why he is so gassy....he will crawl around and he sounds like a little tug boat or something...yesterday he had his first blow out of the diaper in like 4 months....today's wasn't as bad, but still smelly. Should I be worried?? he takes about 20-24 oz of formula (and we changed to the Costco Brand from Enfamil ($10+ cheaper than Enfamil) but he's been on the new stuff for well over a month...so we didn't think that was it....any advice??

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    I'd say that if your little guy seems happy, don't worry about it. One of those nice things about your baby eating more and more solids....stinky poo and gas!


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