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Thread: Supplement in Sippy Cup? Help!

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    Default Supplement in Sippy Cup? Help!

    Hi there!
    I've described my situation so many times here that I'd hate to bore anyone with a repeat!
    However--quick bio--my son is five months old, and I am currently nursing and supplementing breastmilk and formula. We have always had struggles with nursing due to tongue-tie (which was corrected) then thrush, poor latch, and on and on. Supplementing was my ped's idea, and ofcourse it was the wrong thing to do, which led me on a downward spiral, and so on and so forth!
    Anyhow, here I am five months later still trucking, but ofcourse the formula has begun to outweight the breastmilk. My son is now drinking from a sippy cup and I believe he is starting to teeth, which I think has recently led to a bit of a nursing strike. He is fussing more than usual at the breast. Usually I can get him to nurse for a bit, then I will supplement, then we nurse some more, and then I pump after every nursing session. (Phew, right?) He nurses well at night and when he is sleepy--kind of the classic example of nipple confusion or flow preference as they sometimes call it. (By the way, I've worked with an LC since the beginning and she doesn't have much advice for me than to experiment at this point).
    Now that he is drinking from a sippy, is there any chance that dropping all bottles and perhaps pacifiers could help get him back on the breast more? He is refusing to nurse the last few days and it is a struggle in general. If cutting out bottles entirely will help, I want to do it!
    Any thoughts on putting his supplement in a sippy cup instead? It seems like the best option to me!
    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

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    Default Re: Supplement in Sippy Cup? Help!

    You could try and see how baby does...
    They normaly have a real need to suck, maybe taking the bottles away will help get baby back to the breast.

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    Default Re: Supplement in Sippy Cup? Help!

    My lo loves her sippy for water. I don't supplement, but if I had to, I would use the sippy cup. My lo doesn't like bottles, but takes her sippy well. The only problem I might foresee is your lo drinking the amount of supplement needed from a sippy. My lo likes her sippy, but I can't see her drinking 6-8 oz from it in one sitting. I guess if lo is hungry enough, he might. I would try it.

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