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Thread: Babysitter give milk first?

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    Default Babysitter give milk first?

    Ryan is now almost 13 months. I introduced solids at ~6months but he didn't really seem very interested till closer to 10 or 11 months. I read that it is best to breastfeed first and then offer solids so that is what I've been doing since he was 6 months. Now is he 13 months.

    My experience with this technique shows that he is starting to wean himself. When I am home all day on the weekends, he doesn't want to hold still very long to bf during the day. He happily eats solids, though. At night and right before bed, he does still breastfed.

    The tricky thing is that I work 6hrs a day during the week. He is at home with a babysitter. Keeping with the idea of bf before solids, I've been having the babysitter feed him a bottle of breastmilk first, then show him foods. During the weekend when I'm home all day, he doesn't drink much milk when offered. He'd rather get down and run around but then he is happy to eat solids. But, when I'm at work, he drinks a lot of milk and then isn't very interested in solids. I'm betting it is because I'm gone, the milk makes him feel better--like I'm there. But, since he doesn't eat much solids, I'm wondering if maybe we should do something differently while I'm gone. Should the babysitter offer the bottle after solids? Not at all? Maybe it's fine to continue doing what we're doing. If he didn't drink milk during the day, I would be able to wean from the pump soon which would be nice but it's not a big deal. I can keep doing it as long as he wants. What is the right way for a 13month old to get solids and breastmilk while I'm at work?

    Thanks for your help! There really isn't much info out there for bf'ing moms regarding solids!


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    Default Re: Babysitter give milk first?

    kelly moms has some good info on solids and breastfeeding

    this is a good link

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