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Thread: Got milk?

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    Default Got milk?

    I believe that I may have multiple issues going on, but wonder if they all stem from not enough milk. My baby girl is 3 weeks old today and we have "had" to supplement with formula since birth. Many feeds will go on for over an hour and then crying (screaming) will begin and not end unless she has roughly 2 ounces of formula. I want to believe that she is getting enough from the breast and worry about over feeding, but have felt the only thing that settles her is the bottle of formula. I'm concered that I won't ever produce enough if the extra bottle(s) continue. Pumping isn't going really well either - I'm lucky to get an ounce or so from each breast. Last week I developed a blocked duct, milk blister and then mastitis on the right side - all which makes we concerned that her latch is not proper. I live in Botswana with VERY limited support available and wonder if anyone has any suggestions to increase milk supply or maybe ideas on how to eliminate the bottle of formula.

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    Hi mama and welcome to the forum. I've gotten so much help here from all the awesome ladies.
    Is it possible to have your baby weighed before and after a few feedings to actually determine how many ounzes she's getting. That may answer your question as to your supply and if she's effectively latching and getting the milk.
    Another thing I might do is just stop the supplementing and devote 3-4 days to ONLY nursing her and not much else. If can just set yourself up to basically nurse her practically constantly, that will help bring up your supply. Keep a record of her wet/dirty diapers and keep an eye out for any signs of dehydration. My DD went through a time around 3 weeks where she was latched on constantly because of a growth spurt.
    I'm sure you'll get more advice from more experienced moms soon. Keep up the good work and let us know how you're doing. You're doing an AWESOME job.

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    I'm sorry you feal like your so far away from some support, there are lots of things you can do to increase supply.
    Some babies are just fussy too, and want to nurse alot.
    The more often you nurse the more milk your going to make.
    Some newborns need to nurse 12 times in 24 hours to get the milk they need.
    It does sound like the baby might have a bad latch if your getting sore and having blisters.
    Dr newman has some good clips that you can watch on his web site to see a good lactch. they are on the right side of the web site.


    heres a good link about getting rid of suppliments.

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    Welcome to the list, and congratulations on your new baby!
    It sounds like maybe milk is not transferring well to your baby... could be a latch issue, could be a latch issue caused by a physical issue (like tongue-tie or a short tongue. Has your baby been evaluated for tongue-tie?)

    I like to start with the basics Here are some links about getting a baby latched on well. Sometimes (actually frequently) a minor change with how you position or latch the baby can make a *huge* difference in how effectively the baby nurses.

    This link has an animated latch from the mother's point of view, in case it's easier to work with a picture. (Look to the left and click on "animated latch")

    Are your nipples sore? How often do you try to nurse in 24 hours? The fact that you developed the blocked duct makes me think that you are right-- milk is not transferring to the baby very well.

    I'm really sensitive to the tongue-tie issue, because my son was tongue-tied. He just could not get any milk until we clipped the frenulum. It's worth having this checked. Dr. Brian Palmer has excellent info on tongue-tie and is *very* pro-breastfeeding. His website has lots of info and pictures; please note that there are photos of infant cadavers in the slide show, in case this is upsetting for you.

    For more basic info on tongue-tie, see here:

    The amount you can pump does not indicate how much milk you can produce. What kind of pump are you using? Is it manual or electric? Keep in mind that any pump manufactured by a company that also produces infant formula probably won't work very well.

    If you are supplementing for every feed, be careful not to cut out all the supplement abruptly. The key is to figure out what is not working with the breastfeeding, address that, then gradually cut back on the supplement as your supply increases. I know it can be frustrating to use formula! Just keep in mind Rule #1: Feed the baby! Rule #2: Protect your milk supply! Right now you are doing exactly what you should-- you are making sure your baby is fed, and you are asking for help to get breastfeeding going well. Hang in there!


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    I am in the EXACT same situation as you! My baby is almost 4 weeks now and we have been trying and trying to get him to only BF. Some days go better than others but no matter how long I BF him, he needs at least that 2 oz of supplement! I have been pumping a lot so that I limit the amount of formula he gets from the bottle but he is still getting around 7-8 oz of form per day. I hate it b/c I wanted to only BF. I am just hoping that each week gets better. I did have him weighed before eating and after BF and he is getting only about 1/2 oz from me. It is so sad.

    If you get any good advice or if something is really working for you, let me know because at this point I am just hoping that it will magically just happen some day.

    Good Luck!!

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    I was on here a couple of weeks ago. Concerned about my supply baby was about a week old.(Milk had already came down and was going away) I was reading some other posts and someone said to eat oatmeal to increase supply. I did and it worked.

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