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Thread: Storage bags.. possible ink contamination?

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    Question Storage bags.. possible ink contamination?

    HI All
    My 12 week old preemie never latched on so I have been expressing milk and storing the extra, which has been a lot since I produce more than double what he eats. The only problem... we have been using storage bags, first gerber but now lanisoh and we have been using marker to write the date, under the ziplock, on the bag part. I just started to read the box and realized that could be a possible ink contamination. My lactation consultant says it should be fine but she can't be certain. I wrote above the milk line.
    I don't want to throw out three months worth of food but I also don't want to get my son sick... HELP!

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    Default Re: Storage bags.. possible ink contamination?

    Are these actual milk storage bags or bottle liners? Milk storage bags are much stronger and therefore would seem safer. I just don't have any information in front of me, but I would suggest that you call the manufacturer of the bags and ask them directly. They should be able to give a more definitive answer.


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