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Thread: rejecting one breast...why?

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    Default rejecting one breast...why?

    Ah, the trials of breastfeeding continue, as do the questions!

    Since we had initial trouble latching on correctly and my right nipple was pretty much useless for feeding b/c it hurt so darn much, I began pumping on that side and feeding Maddie with the left breast only. I pumped for 3-4 days, then eased back into feeding on the right breast by using a nipple shield while the remaining irritations healed. Yesterday I re-introduced the bare breast and she refuses to take it! She'll take a taste, then release her grip and make a face. She feeds fine on the other side. I've tried different positions and none of them resolve the problem...anyone had this happen? I went back to pumping after this morning's feeding and will continue to pump & freeze until things get better to keep my supply up. I'll keep offering thr right breast and just hope she gets over her little adversion!

    Oh, she was ok when I used the nipple shield on that side, but I really want to discontinue using it for good. It's slippery and doesn't seem to encourage good latch on technique, and I've read it can affect the milk supply.


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    Default Re: rejecting one breast...why?

    Welcome Cahart

    How old is your baby? It sounds like you are doing a great job of working on your nursing relationship. I'm glad to hear that she will take both sides, even if you use the nipple shield on one of them. Research has shown that latex shields have less of an impact on milk supply than other shields made from other materials.

    Some mothers find that they can use the nipple shield until letdown, then slip the shield off and breastfeed the baby without it for the rest of the nursing session. You should encourage her to feed on the bare breast at every feeding on that side. You may choose to try anytime during the feeding--beginning, middle, or end. Choose a time during the feeding when you think your baby will be most likely to cooperate!

    Offering the breast when she isn't very hungry may also help. Because babies instinctively nurse correctly when they are sleeping, you might try nursing your baby on the right side when she is drowsy or during the night.

    Babies love skin-to-skin contact with mommy, and this can encourage latch-on. Many babies will latch on while in a warm bathtub with mommy. Go topless and strip baby down to a diaper and take her to bed.

    Just keep trying. It's a very good sign that she will nurse bare on the opposite breast. Some mothers find that their baby just suddenly gives up the nipple shield without ever looking back, while some prefer a more gradual weaning from it. You know your baby best and can tailor your approach!

    Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions!
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    Default Re: rejecting one breast...why?

    I just saw this post and thought I ought to write about something I just found out from my sister-in-law. She struggled and struggled with getting her son to nurse on both breasts, but he continued to refuse one of them (the same one every time). As it turns out...and this is in HER case, not all...he has trouble seeing out of one eye. If his good eye was blocked because of nursing, that made matters even worse for the little guy. So, he would refuse to nurse on the breast that would inhibit the sight in his good eye. I hope that makes sense. It was quite an ordeal, and unfortunately for her, she did not have all the support she could've used at the time.

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    Default Re: rejecting one breast...why?

    Hi there, my ds would refuse my right side sometimes, that side has a slower let down, and he has always preferred my left? Who knows?

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