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    It has been so long since I went threw the developmental stages. When do babies typically hit the major milestones (i.e. teethin, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking...ans any other ones I haven't mentioned.) My lo is 4 weeks and trying so hard to roll over. He gets to his side, but thats about it. nak

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    My LO is 14 weeks and still hasn't rolled over, which I think is might be kind of late for most babies, I'm not sure though. She'll roll up over onto her side but not all the way (she just started doing that a couple of weeks ago) I think it just depends, some milestones (hands to mouth, laughing, reaching, holding up her head, bringing her hands together, etc.) she's already met, while others, she's maybe lagging behind on...

    Most of my friends' babies roll over from tummy to back first (maybe out of frustration in tummy time )

    As far as other milestones you mentioned, my LO is teething already, but I think that depends alot on the age the parents started teething, my husband was an early teether.

    Your pediatrician will be a great resource for milestone info too...

    You must have a really active baby! That's great!

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    Milestones are different for every baby. DS 1 and 2 both got their first teeth about 5.5 months. My friends 9 month old doesn't have any teeth yet. DS1 was rolling both ways by 6 months DS2 only rolls front to back. Friends baby was rolling at 4 months. No rhyme or reason. They will just do what they do when they do it. I am in much less of a hurry for DS2 to meet the milestones.
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