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Thread: Sleeping through the night

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    Default Sleeping through the night

    My little guy teased me with sleeping through the night. He is 4 monthes old and started waking up at 2-3am and then again at 5-6. How can I get him enough food to last through the night??

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    There are lots of causes for night waking and you may want to focus on why he's waking instead of how to get him to sleep through the night again. At four months he could be starting to teethe, could be waking to practice new tricks (rolling over maybe?), or he could be going through a growth spurt and need more milk. Or, he could be becoming more aware of the world and of his mom and dad and be waking up to check and make sure everything is still in order in his world. It's more normal for babies to wake up than not and he's probably telling you he needs something from you.

    If he's only waking up 2 times you're pretty lucky! If you don't already co-sleep maybe you could bring him to bed with you at that first early morning waking so you can nurse and then both go easily back to sleep.

    Good luck!

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