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    I have a question about poo. My ds is almost 8 months old and has just started on solids about a month ago. He has had a lot of sensitivities and so thus far all we've gotten in him is avocado, green peas, and squash. We've had some red bottoms, etc with just about everything we've tried, so we're going very, very slowly. Here's the thing- he had usual bf poo (mustardy, etc) before we started the solids. I know most everything he gets is green, but he doesn't get solids every day- but all his poo is now green. Even on days when he's had nothing but breastmilk for over 24 hours it's still green. His nursing hasn't changed, and based on how I feel after vs before I know he's getting me good and empty. So I'm just wondering if the introduction of solids has changed his gut so that green is all we'll expect now.

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    I've noticed that solids can affect the color of poop for a couple of day.



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    With my LO it's the same thing. She poops the colour of her food.. It's pretty funny actually. I always comment that it looks the same going in as coming out. Careful when they eat carrots. When she does it literally stains her bum orange. It's hilarious. Her poop will be off for a few days after eating. The average human digestive system takes between 2 and 3 days to be completed.

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