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Thread: oatmeal and/or rice cereal

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    Default oatmeal and/or rice cereal

    I was under the impression that cereals did not bring much in term of nutrition to a baby. My lo is a little over 6 month old, and her doctor said rice cereal was ok. When I reacted surprised, she said... "half of the world, if not more, eat rice and rice cereal... it's the best cereal you can give a baby...". But it seems like many of you give oatmeal. So.... what is better (if any), oatmeal or rice cereal?

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    Not sure if it's better - my 4.5m old just started a Tbsp a day of cereal (recommended by Ped) and the rice upsets his tummy - he does great with the oatmeal.

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    My dd had some problems with constipation when we first started solids. My ped said that rice cereal can stop them up, so we switched to oatmeal. You can mix it with water or bm.

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    Rice is better as a first food because it is one of those foods that is least likely to cause allergies. Oatmeal is more nutritious (you can check the cereal box and compare) and less likely to cause constipation. We started with rice and than turned to oatmeal then turned to rice again because LO got diarrhea.

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