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Thread: Prickly heat or eczema

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    My son is 4 weeks old and has just had several little bumps pop up on his face (cheeks). Some of these bumps seem to go up towards his head. I am not sure if its prickly heat, or eczema. On his abdomen there was one small group of these bumps also. Does anyone have any suggestions in making these go away. I heard that it can be caused by an allergy. I am exclusively nursing him, and haven't tried eliminating foods from my diet. I am a little nervous doing this as I don't really eat meat, so I would be eliminating much of my nutrition sources...Please help and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    What do the bumps look like? is it possible it's just a little residual baby acne?

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    My little girl has eczema and it was on her face and neck and forehead...when I brought her to the pedi he said it could be either eczema or heat rash...but that both were treated with an over the counter cortisone cream...I didn't actually like this guy, he isn't our regular pedi so I asked around and asked again when i saw our regular pedi...he said it was eczema and that it runs in families (I have it as well), and to use the same kinds of lotions on her that I would use on myself (rather than using things like baby magic lotion). I use either Aveeno Baby or Eucerin on myself and on her and I put it on her everyday and it seems to have helped, although her skin is still a little dry. I would ask your dr, but I know those two lotions are really gentle, also you can you cetaphil soap to wash your babies body because that is super gentle as well (although be careful not get it in babiy's eyes, it isn't a "No tears" formula)....HTH

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