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Thread: My first case of mastitis

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    Quote Originally Posted by IansMommy View Post
    I shouted I didn't care if it was the PRESIDENT coming, I was more important than the job and that if he left or he didn't find someone to come look after our oldest child, I would get no rest! He stayed home. I stayed in bed with the baby and only got out to go feed the horses and to go to the bathroom. I felt a thousand times better by last night, and I felt relatively OK today, just very, very, VERY sore in my left breast.
    Nice job on communicating with your dh in no uncertain terms!
    I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Remember to continue taking it easy for a couple of days.
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    I feel for ya! I had my first case a couple of weeks ago and it completely knocked me out! My doc called in the same antibiotic you had, and I continued to nurse with no problems. Although I think it did affect my supply also. I found that a heating pad really helped with the pain, as well as tylenol or ibuprofen.

    I completely empathize about your DH! Mine was up against a deadline at work, and I had to ask him to stay home to help, and we only have 1 5 month old! And then I felt guilty for putting him behind!

    Hopefully you'll feel better soon!

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