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Thread: please help ready to cry!

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    I realize that I might not be saying the popular thing here...but I don't necessarily think that cutting back on solid food is the answer. At some point babies will switch over to solids as their main source of nutrition. It should be a gradual process and won't magically happen over night. I know that BM should make up the majority of calories and nutrition for the 1st year...but if you don't offer food then how is that switch going to be made, KWIM?

    Its hard letting go and realizing that our babies don't need us 10 and 12x a day to nurse. But that doesn't mean we should try to stop that natural process. I would just always offer to nurse your child first, before any solids, and then offer and ALLOW your child to eat however much they want to eat. Let them control their portions...you control the choices and make sure that you are offering healthy, nutritious food.

    It was hard for me when I realized that my child was ready to give up some nursing sessions. He eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day, and nurses anywhere from 3-5x in a 24hr period. Its ok to start to let them go a little! I can tell you that my guy can put away WAAAAAY more than 3-4 tbsp of food...even at 8 months and especially now at almost 11 months.

    For breakfast he ate 4oz of yogurt, 1 medium banana, and 1 piece of toast...all after a good long nursing session. grapes and raisins at 1020 am. nurse at 1145am. peanut butter and jelly on wheat, black beans and brown rice, cheese, fresh strawberries, and tomatoes for lunch. nurse at 315pm goldfish and raisins at 330pm (not the best, i know) nurse at 615pm and cheese ravioli with spinach and a 1/2 a peach for dinner. nurse at 10pm.

    I just wanted to write all of that to say that we've all BTDT and its hard...but I just wanted to encourage you that it is perfectly normal.

    BTW...all of the times that he nurses during the day (except the first one) are less than 10 minutes long. And I did for a long time try to cut back and even eliminate solids for a while to try to get him to nurse more and longer....it didn't work and I just had to realize that my baby was growing up and not needing him as much as I needed him to.

    Good luck,
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    Good message Shilohsmom, an eye openar,my LO is only 5 months we didnt start solids yet but when i read 3-4 tbsp of food, I was like!!!!!!!!..I mean my neice is 8.5 months n eats waaaay more than that n she is sooo healthy n happy, and u know when I see her eating I hope n pray that my LO would be this enthusiastic bout food as she is, cutting on solids which is something she loves doesnt seem very natural to me, its good u said wat u said...made me releived. I will pass urmessage to my sis Thanks..
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    Leslie- Thank you for your encouraging words! i know she would love more solids but i didn't want to mess up our nursing sessions..but i have been offering her as much as she wants..i just started doing that..it is hard to watch things change but as long as she is growing and thriving that is all that matters! my main concern was her wet diapers not been wet enough..but i am glad that i am not the only one..

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    Hello all,

    This is my first post. Have spent the last couple of days looking through archives. Very helpful yet I am still quite confused about introducing solids while still maintaining breastmilk as the main food for baby. While this is not a reply to the pp, I think the issue is the same, so I hope this is the correct place to post.

    My baby is 7m, was EBF till 5.5 m , at which time we started her on solids (rice cereal with EBM, homemade fruits and veggies). She's slept through the night since 3 m but lately has been waking up once or twice a night. And she seems to be putting things in her mouth all the time and also moving her head back and forth (a bit wildly at times). I see all these signs as hunger cues, but my husband points out that it's probably teething. I know she's teething also, but it's tough spending the entire day trying to decipher her actions and trying to figure out if she's hungry. It seems like my entire day is spent wondering anxiously if I should be feeding her again, even though she didn't eat her last meal (solid) at all.

    This is a long way of asking, is there a good guideline on how much baby should be eating at given ages? I have the Super Baby Book, but the recommendations on that book seem to be much more than what the women on this forum are feeding their babies. Any advice?


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