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Thread: nursing on one side reduces gas???

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    Default nursing on one side reduces gas???

    My baby has had some bouts with gas the past few days (she's only 2 1/2 weeks old) and I've been trying to soothe her because sometimes it seems painful.

    I was reading a book about breast feeding this morning and found that it said to reduce gas to try only nursing on one side each feeding. Ironically, I had done this in the night last night because she drifted off after only eating at one side- and she hasnt had any painful gas all day. Is this a coincidence or is this something that is proven to be true?


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    Default Re: nursing on one side reduces gas???

    nursing on one side can reduce gas.
    Her is a link

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    Default Re: nursing on one side reduces gas???

    Baby's this age tend to get fussy when they have gas because they have immature digestive tracts and because they are getting used to all the new sensations in their body.

    If your baby is gassy just occasionally, but manages to expel the gas, then there's likely no problem. If she's constantly gassy and fussy with no apparent relief, then we need to look into some other issues, such as oversupply, allergies to something mom is eating, even reflux.

    However, as far as nursing on one side goes.. . this is actually recommended for everyone. LLL says finish the first breast first. Offer baby the first breast and let her nurse until she falls asleep or comes off on her own. If she comes off on her own, you can offer the second side. Start with that second side at the next feeding. Many mothers find that their babies are more satisfied doing this--baby gets the milk that is higher in fat as it comes down.

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    Default Re: nursing on one side reduces gas???

    Little Henry has lots of gas issues (reflux, colic, being a preemie didn't help ...). Since very very early on, I've nursed one side at a time. I just let him eat exclusively from one side for one feeding and then from the other side the next feeding.

    However, for the first few months, I would pump after he would nurse, just to keep supply up!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: nursing on one side reduces gas???

    I have heard since foremilk is high in lactase it would make sense to offer one breast to reduce gas since offering both would mean double the lactase (sp?)
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