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    ok as most of you know i have been fighting thrush for weeks.......i have been using Nystatin in his mouth and on my nipples several times a day. I am also taking Fluconozale (sp?), the dr gave me 5 pills when normally its a one time thing and i take it every 3 days i have 2 pills left. I think that the thrush may be cleared up but my nipples are itchy and sore and burn still can this just be caused by a bad latch or positioning? He has always latched and nursed the same way without problems. Dylan has been nursing non stop during the day all week now. Do you guys have any suugestions as to what is wrong or anything to try?

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    For us, the Nystatin made it worse fr my daughter and caused the same reaction to my nipples that you are experiencing! VERY SORE AND ITCHY!!!!! After doing some research, I found out that it is made with sugar so it is more palatable for the baby..... but yeast thrives on sugar. The prescriptions the dr gave us did not work either. So..... we went natural.

    We tried Organic Grapefruit seed extract (15 drops to 1 ounce of non-tap water) and wiped out her mouth and put on my nipples every hour or after bf. That worked really well, but caused some Acid reflux..... so then.....

    I gave her 1/2 teaspoon of Acidophilus mixed with 7 ml of non-tap water 2 times a day..... this helps the digestive tract and usually clears up any yeast problems, especially Candida yeast!

    I take 2 pills of it 3 times a day and that is what worked for us. Thrush is gone and has not come back and it was all done the natural way with no bad side effects.....

    As far as nursing non-stop..... he could be going through a growing spurt... or perhaps cathcing up on what he missed out on when he had the Thrush.... hang in there..... it will get better!

    You can get Acidophilus from any whole food store or natural market.
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    i've heard really good things about the salve that Kerry's Herbals has. They also have an anti-thrush kit. www.kerrysherbals.com

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