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Thread: Ever given baby Taro?

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    Default Ever given baby Taro?

    I am not really expecting a response here but I am going to give it a try.

    Taro is very common in the polynesian islands (It is made into poi in Hawaii). It is starchy like a potato. Many woman feed their LO's taro because it is a locally grown vegetable. Anyway, I gave some to my DD last night and she ate about six-seven bites of it (she will eat about anything). Well, she had an hour long SCREAMING fit last night, like no other fit she has had before. She wouldn't nurse and nothing would calm here down, only exhaustion finally got her.

    She has been teething so it could be that. One of her top teeth is breaking through but she has never reacted like THAT to teething.

    The other thing is, taro is supposed to be itchy to the throat if not cooked long enough. It didn't seem to bother me when I had a few bites but maybe it bothered her? Has anyone ever given taro before to a baby?

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    Default Re: Ever given baby Taro?

    gosh I think we were talking about it a while back.
    It's good for you if I remember.. and the forum will not let me search for some reason.

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    Default Re: Ever given baby Taro?

    we have not tried it but i have read that it is very good for babies. esp when fermented.
    however the fussines could be a sign shes not ready yet.
    Stefanie, momma to

    deacon james 09.22.06

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