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Thread: when can I start other foods?

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    Question when can I start other foods?

    When can I start giving cheese, yogurt, noodles, tomato sauce, and when can they eat sweets like ice cream or cake? And also when can he start learning to eat little pieces of food instead of pureed and what foods are good for this? As of now, at almost 8months, he eats only pureed fruits and veggies and breast milk.

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    Default Re: when can I start other foods?

    You might want to introduce new textures to your little one. I have an 8 month old as well and I give her bread/toast, cooked apple slices (cut thin), peas, bakes sweet potato (cut long and thin), banana (bite sized pieces) and just today I gave my DD small pieces of string cheese and cheerios. It is amazing what they can handle without teeth. My DD REALLY enjoys picking up pieces and feeding herself.

    I am putting off the sweets as long as possible. So she definitely won't get any until well after she turns one.

    Oh, I think tomatoes have to wait until LOs are atleast one year old.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: when can I start other foods?

    From what I've read, they can start having yogurt and cheese at 8-10 months. You may want to watch the yogurt though, it may cause loose stools. Also you might want to try plain rice cakes. Ds has been eating them since 7 months and they break apart easy even w/o teeth. I started ds w/just 1/4 of one, now I will give him 1/2 of one at 9 months. I believe wheat is okay at 8 months, but tomatos shouldn't be introduced until 10-12 months and as for the sweets--I would hold off on those til after a year. Ds has been givne that stuff at family parties w/o my consent and all that caused was a tummy ache.

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