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Thread: Is she getting what she needs?

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    Red face Is she getting what she needs?

    I have recently started pumping. My princess is 11 weeks now. I began pumping 2 weeks ago to help get a supply in the freezer for when I need to be away from her - if my husband and I ever get to go on a date, or if there is and emergency with one of my other children and I just can't be with her.

    I am a SAHM, so I try to feed and pump at the same time. For a week I was pumping after she fed, but most of the time I got nothing out. Perhaps 1 ounce a day after each feeding. I do not pump on the weekend or past 5:00 PM.

    The next week I tired to just pump on one side since she is a 1 breast each feeding baby. So I would nurse her and then go pump the other side. Then she started to feed off of both sides, so I have been trying to pump every 2 hours opposite her feeding - she eats every 4 hours.

    But..... she is getting fussy after eating and it seems like she may still be hungry.... so I guess I need to know if by pumping every 2 hours..... am I taking away from her what she needs because she is going 4 hours?????

    She is not fussy on the days I can not pump.
    I drink plenty of water.... well.... what I do is make a mixture of Mothers Milk, ginger and Chamomile ice tea and I drink about 48 ounces of that a day. (She has issues with some Acid reflux and I refuse to have her on Zantac, so I drink the tea and that has seemed to help aid in her digestive system and helped her with the acid reflux issues.)


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    No, you're not taking milk from her. As you remove milk, more milk is being made. Breasts don't need time to "refill".

    This link might help:

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    Default Re: Is she getting what she needs?

    It may take a little bit to boost your supply but by pumping after/before feeding you are telling your body to make more milk, like poster above said, body makes more milk as it is removed. Your breast are never really empty, just less full. And remember baby is more effective than the pump. When I pump I get 3.5 to 4 oz but after dd nurses she had gained 5-5.5 oz. If you are curious as to how much baby gets when nursing, weigh naked right before and after nursing session (with an infant/produce scale) and subtract before from after = total oz drank during session.
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