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Thread: Sudden decrease in supply? Please help!

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    Default Sudden decrease in supply? Please help!

    I'm a working mom who works 3 days/wk, 12 hrs/day. On the days I'm home I nurse full time. On the days I work, I nurse right before leaving home and right after I get home. I also pump 3 times (every 4 hrs) while at work.

    I used to get 12-14oz when pumping, but this last week I've only been able to get 8-9oz. My son (12 weeks old) eats 4oz every 4 hrs when bottle fed. He nurses about every 4 hours when we're together.

    Also, this last week he's been super fussy at the breast. Flailing, arching his back, barely nursing, etc. We went to the pedi today and ruled out illness. However, my son has lost weight since his 2 month check-up a month ago. Now we're trying to rule out reflux issues, and we go back for a weight check next Monday.

    Nursing sessions are horrific and I usually end up in tears since my son puts up such a fight. I do NOT want to give up breastfeeding. I went down that road with my daughter when she was 2 mos (low supply issues) and I felt a lot of guilt for a long time. I thought we were off to a great start this time, and now this happens.

    I restarted Fenugreek (5000mg/day) yesterday and I eat oatmeal daily, as well as drink plenty of water. Is there anything else I can do? I'm sure the stress and anxiety I feel with this issue doesn't help any!


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    Default Re: Sudden decrease in supply? Please help!

    I'm sorry - I know this must be frustrating.

    I pump 3x at work and my pumping seems to go on a cycle (just like everything else). There are days that i seem to get more than I need and then days i do not. I charted it out and not very surprisingly - it follows my AF cycle too.

    Your LO might just be going through a growth spurt on top of everything else.

    I eat oatmeal (almost every day) and drink mother's milk tea (occasionally) and think these help with supply.


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    Default Re: Sudden decrease in supply? Please help!

    I'm sorry that things seem so stressful for you. If it's ok I'd like to ask you a few questions.

    Do you have very large breasts?

    May I ask, how do you know when ds needs to nurse? Would you be able to encourage him to nurse more frequently than every 4 hours? This would help tremendously with supply.

    Does he nurse at all at night?

    Do you think you could encourage him to nurse when sleepy/sleeping? Many babies are calmer when nursing in a sleepy state.

    Many moms have tried taking a fussy baby into the bathtub to nurse. The combination of the warm water and mom's closeness seem to encourage baby to nurse more calmly.

    Also, some moms have found that their babies often prefer nursing in a quiet, darkened room. This eliminates distractions for some babies.

    I hope you and he can hang in there!

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